Red Oaks Farm // Red Oaks Farm


Alan and Brenda welcome you to Red Oaks Farm and hope that you enjoy your stay.

We have owned the land for over 30 years and the construction of Red Oaks Farmhouse was completed in October 2000. In March 2003 we moved from our previous farm in Tytherington where we had managed a bed and breakfast for over 17 years before the landlord decided to sell the farm and fields for development.

Red Oaks Farm took 6 years to complete and many of the features from the old farmhouse built in the 16th century have been incorporated into the new building including the oak beams and the handmade oak staircase. Alan was born in the original farmhouse and three of our four children. The farm is located on 33 acres, but we farm a further 100 acres across 7 parishes stretching from White Nancy in Kerridge to our furthest fields at Alderley Edge.

In addition to running the bed and breakfast, we raise and breed pedigree Bazadaise cattle which originated in Bazas in France and are remarkably small boned animals with a greater ratio of meat to bone than comparable beef breeds.

In total there are over 180 breeding ewes, the lambing season starts around Easter and the following 5-6 weeks are quite hectic. Guests are always welcome to visit the lambing sheds with either of us.

The farm also has, bantams, ducks, geese, Rheas, lambs, Llamas and tortoises who roams free, most are pets but some work for a living… perhaps your breakfast eggs this morning came from one of them? We must not forget Charlie our peacock and his partner Camilla who can be seen wandering around the farm of their own free will? He has the most magnificent tail in the spring and can often be found displaying it in the drive or fields.

There is an abundance of wildlife on the farm including owls which you may hear ‘hooting’, foxes and badgers which you may see late at night foraging in the fields.

In the garden is an ornamental pond which attracts, dragonflies, damselflies, frogs and toads. Please feel free to take time out to relax in our award winning garden, enjoying a hot or cold beverage whilst enjoying the views towards the hills.

There are lots of local walks around White Nancy and Kerridge and the surrounding countryside and we are only too pleased to help you decide on one of them or the famous Bollington pub crawl (22 pubs in a 2.2 mile radius). Packed lunches can be provided on request.

We hope you enjoy your stay with us and tell everyone about your experience.

Thank You

Brenda & Alan Buxton